Content Management (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS) is a flexible and robust system that offers a range of features to make the administration of any website as intuitive, fun and easy.

The CMS lets you completely manage every area of your website including creating new sections, updating existing ones and managing all your images and files.

Traffic Experts can customise and integrate a Content management system (CMS) into your website, which is also integrated and applicable to work with most Web based systems.

Features & Benefits

The Content Management System has a range of features that make it the perfect companion to any website.

Accessing the CMS can only be done via a password protected login window. This ensures that only authorized personnel can update the website. The system also manages a database of authorized users which are assigned by the main site administrator. If required, a user's permission levels can be restricted to only allow adding and editing, but not deleting. The main administrator can also allocate new user names and passwords. For security purposes the CMS tracks which users accessed the system, when they accessed it and which sections they viewed/edited. A report can be generated should a security breach be detected.

Managing the names and order of your website sections is easy with the CMS. We've developed an intuitive navigation menu structure which allows you to create as many new content sections as required. These can be position in the root menu or as sub-sections of any root section. To make navigation more intuitive, the system will automatically generate a CSS fly-out (or drop-down) menu for all sub-sections (up to 4 levels). A linked Site Map is also generated automatically and published on the website, based on the navigation menu structure.

The system will allow authorised users to Add, Edit and Delete text content in each of the content sections of your website. Having this functionality ensures the information on your website is always kept up-to-date and error free. The system supports formatting options such as Bold, Italic, and Underline. You can create Hyperlinks; change the Text Color (restricted to the color palette set by the designer). All text can be aligned left, right, center and justified. Tables can be created as required, using the smart table control and you can even create bullet points and automatic numbering if required. Any images, PDF's or other downloadable files are inserted into the content area using the Image Insert, and File Insert controls. These need to be first uploaded using the Image and/or File Upload system (below).

The system allows you to upload any number of images or files using its intuitive upload feature. Simply select the file on your computer you wish to upload to the server and click upload. The file will then be presented in either thumbnail or filename mode. From this view, you can either delete or rename files for use on the website. The system also has some smart features that work whenever you upload an image. With other content management systems, you normally have to crop, scale and compress your images to the exact size if you want to create a clickable thumbnail gallery. With the CMS, this is a thing of the past as Traffic Experts have developed proprietary software that automatically scales all uploaded images to a preset thumbnail size and saves these files in the most appropriate file format. This level of automated compression guarantees the smallest file size making less work for the administrators of the website.

The CMS was developed with user-friendliness in mind. All controls are easily recognisable as they mirror the controls of common applications. The positioning of all buttons and features has been carefully planned out to make using the system a fun and intuitive experience. The navigational panel has been deliberately placed on the left hand side to allow the system to expand if new Content, Store and/or Marketing Options are added. The large work area also accommodates a range of customised options which can be created by Traffic Experts and integrated into the system if required. For example, you may need to have a custom product catalogue management system developed, linked to the database and integrated into the CMS. Having this functionality makes the system very flexible and ensures Traffic Experts can adopt a dynamic development methodology for each project.

Traffic Experts understands that at times, the client may wish to have a transparent relationship with its web developer. As a result, we have developed the CMS so that it can be re-branded with the client's logo and color scheme. During the consultation stage, we will discuss the CMS interface with you to ensure the solution delivered is attractive, appealing and reflects the appropriate brand.

One of the biggest hurdles with current content management systems is that they take too long to load or refresh when a new process is performed. The CMS is developed using Object Oriented coding principles and is programmed using lean code meaning the system loads and refreshes to the maximum capability of the users internet connection. All visual elements such as button controls are compressed and optimised to ensure the smallest file size and all data is stored in relational database tables. This means that the system only accesses the information that it needs.

Most web based content management systems are only developed to work properly on one operating platform and usually on one type of browser. What the developers of these competitive systems don't take into account is the that a large portion of today's internet users operate on other platforms such as Apple Macs with approximately 20% of users using Mozilla Firefox as their preferred browser. With this in mind, Traffic Experts developed its CMS to ensure that it was not only cross-browser compatible but also worked on both Mac's and PC's. Extensive quality and system testing has been conducted to make sure the CMS maintains a consistent appearance and functions properly from browser to browser.

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